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In addi t ion to imposing a negative impact on public health, Covid-19 has made the world face a huge financial-economic crisis. The worldwide spread of the coronavirus has also affected the volume of transactions and the value of stocks. Since the food market is more affected under crisis conditions, this relationship has been investigated in the stock exchange in the present study. In order to investigate the effect of Covid-19 patients on the stock index value of food industry companies as...
Topics: Coronavirus, Conditional heteroscedasticity model, Iran, Stock market
A suitable marketing strategy is essential for increasing sales and profitability at different stages of the product life cycle. The main objective of this study was to assess the factors that affect the choice of marketing strategy at various stages of the product life cycle in the food industry in Mashhad, Iran. Data were collected in 2017 through a survey which 88 marketing managers in the food production industry completed the questionnaires. To reach the goal of the study, the multinomial...
Topics: Comparative advantage, Food industries, Marketing strategies, Product life cycle